Is Tyson Foods Overrated?

Am I the only one that thinks Tyson Foods is heavly overrated, the dozen subsidary companies they have to hide their name do not do well in retail, they are a big producer for at least McDonalds which their revenue is very poor compared to previous years and they have the same trend but lesser, taking more personal profit than they have increased revenue, the 100+% take in personal profit but only an 11% revenue increase especially considering increase in imports/exports, taxes, inflation, new laws that require more internal spending…I feel like the numbers don’t add up. They even delayed earnings by 24 hours. They have spent over 50 million dollars in hush money from environmental pollution in midwestern states to animal protection groups and companies that have exposed and won trials for their cruelty as well as pay offs of individuals and groups of individuals to remain quiet…the whole company seems sketchy. The chart is forming a, to me, classic fishing rod and it just established the hook. Does anyone else believe puts would be a solid play for after earning reports? I hate tyson personally. I would never eat their products and in general I see deals at my local walmart’s for tyson chicken meaning for current established base prices for all poultry, tyson underperforms, people only buy it when it’s cheap. Meaning…tyson chicken is cheap so doesn’t that mean the stock should at least be in the 80’s? Does anyone truly believe investing into Tyson Foods would bring profit in a hypothetical 5 year or decade long hold? I see more money being made off puts or big companies shorting it. Vanguard and BlackRock own majority shares it is also 87% owned by institutions. I don’t think this company will hold i’m deciding on puts or shorting it but I want to see what other people think. I am currently banned from WSB for 2 more days. I will be doing more research and posting their shortly. Please let me know what you think. Nobody, HF’s nor insiders have bought Tyson since the new year. I feel like this is a sign of weak company support for this year. Plus the HF’s that do own it are known for pulling sketchy stuff and hurting the retail traders that follow them. 1,066 positions have been closed since the new year. Only 602 have been bought and only 229 have been help 831:1066 intake to outtake is, in my opinion, extremely poor for the scatter to buy natural resource companies that has been occurring. I also notice ETF’s that hold tyson are generally avoided compared to other ETF’s that are beginning to grow. They also release dividends on a 3 month basis yet have failed to deliver or announce one for this month.

Tysons Potential Downspout to 90

In this photo is the trend lines set that have been proven in the stocks history. In its first run up it has more leeway to move upwards and it did by a lot. However now that it has ran up again it shows a downward potential. Potentially by alot considering the current market activity across the board, if anything goes to show in the markets relevant current history when something drops it drops more than it is expected. If the chart is to be followed then it’s history shows it is due to come down.


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