Top 20 EV cars sold in Norway January 2022

Tesla registered 29 new Model 3 and 16 new Model Y.

Here is the top 20 list:

Top 20 EV cars sold January 2022

I don't know why tesla is so low compared to others, maybe they have troubles delivering, whatever it is, it would be vary if I'm holding TSLA.

This list is from Norway alone. As I predicted earlier Tesla was always going to get increased competition from the established brands and we can see it happening already. Tesla has dominated and reigned for the past 10 years because they had no competition in their range (400km+)

Now Norway is a small country, but our EV infrastructure is supreme and you can pretty much charge your car anywhere. So carmakers usually test the waters in Norway and release cars in our little country before other places. I waited for a while to buy an EV because with the specs I wanted. Now that the options are much wider its easier to find what you want.

Keep in mind that Tesla sold the most cars in Norway in 2021: Most sold cars Norway 2021

Will that change now that the competition is getting fiercer? Who knows. Also to keep in mind that Nio and Xpeng are just starting and Xpeng are selling cars dirt cheap. If they can deliver they will for sure be in the top 20 list by the end of 2022.

Just a heads up for TSLA shareholders. Let the downvotes begin


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