why are silver mining stock so exspensive

so i am look for a silver mining stocks and i have gone through a bunch of them but they all seem overvalued.

most trading at a higher marketcap then the silver they own is worth or even more.

all in sustaining cash cost seems very high

am i missing something here?

for example

majestic silver has about 200 mil oz of silver and equivenlent to silver. about 10 dollar per oz seem to be profit so about. 2 billion total profit market cap is 2,5.

ivanhoe copper mine 10500kt copper is valued about a 1/8 of their possible profits.

ivanhoe has a lot of potential with high grade mines so their isnt realy a diffrence between them. like potential, their both green etc.

am i doing something wrong here? is my math or something.

if u have some silver stocks that are better valued i love to here it


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