What is the expectation for the jobs report that comes out feb 4th?

From what the adp report states we are expecting a low jobs number , but my main concern is what will that mean for the market.

For instance , last year jpow was not wanting to start tapering until he saw substantial growth in the job market , thus when labor reports started to come in strong he determined it was appropriate to start tapering and then increase interest rates to fight inflation . But now with jobs not being so strong atleast for jan… what will that mean for the market?

Will it mean that the might might have to postpone their commitment to increasing interest rates?( instead of jumping the rates in march they move it down for maybe april or may ) and since we dont really have much stimulus , could a low jobs report mean that people wont have much cash thus inflation shouldn't be jumping since with no job = no income = not able to buy goods/services. Which could be beneficial to the markets or will they see it as “oh shit the economy isnt in a good place”?


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