Is another 20 year recovery possible?

If you had bought into the s&p 500 in the late 60s it would have taken all the way until the late 80s or roughly 20 years to get your money back when you account for inflation.

If you had bought around the year 2000 it would have taken you 15 years to get your money back. (again including inflation)

Now my question is not rather if it could happen as given enough time it surely will. Is it feasible to start in the coming decades? Predicting a recession is impossible and not what im asking. In our current economy does the fed not have the will power and tools to send the economy up? They printed trillions and sure we have some inflation but not nearly to the extent of the amount of money we printed.

Side question, I am rather young, during the ~1965-85 recovery I had mentioned you could put your money in a bank and get a good return and the disregarding inflation the markets did not drop all that much. So the impact from what I understand was not as detrimental as a graph might make it seem.

During the tech bubble I would imagine you could also have a fairly easy time determining which stocks were a poor investment and when prices reached absurdly ridiculous valuations.

It seems these prolonged recoveries while certainly damaging to your finances are not really what they are made out to be. From what i can see if you pay attention to the risks and your options you wont get burned very long. Forgive my ignorance if there is any I have only experienced the covid “recession” so something that drags prices down for years is something I have never experienced.

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