What are the next comeback stocks (like AAPL, etc.)?

In 2003, AAPL was worth less than $0.25 at one point and is now at $170. (Post-split price, that is. AAPL never actually traded for 5 cents. Real share price at the time was like $11 or so.) It took a while, but the stock multiplied by 680 in that time!

Who are the next 2003 AAPL's? Large, well-known companies that are beaten so bad, they almost look like they're on their way out but have something that makes you believe it will not only recover but thrive again. AAPL introduced the iPod in 2001. I don't know why the stock kept getting beat up for 2 years after that. Maybe investors were spooked by dot-com of 2000? Either way, they had the iPod out for a while already and it was selling like hotcakes. Anyone paying attention to that at the time would have seen an *almost* obvious winner in the making.

I'm not interested in 1985 AAPL's. AAPL in 1985 was beaten down badly but didn't really give you much reason to think it would ever fly. They didn't have a product that appealed to the masses like the iPod, etc. so investing at that point was just taking a chance and hoping. 2003 AAPL was still risky, as all stocks are, but a lot less so as you could see with your own eyes just how well the iPod was doing.

So which companies today look like 2003 AAPL? Which companies have been beat down but are showing strong signs of turning around?


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