Can someone explain to me why $DIS is a streaming company now?

So checking every analyst article on the incoming ER, everyone is talking about Disney Plus and comparing it to $NFLX and other streaming services. I got it, it is a big part of Disney effort during the pandemic, but are we just gonna ignore everything else $DIS owning: theme parks, resorts, merchandises, ESPN, Star Wars, Marvels, etc.

The theme parks and resort revenue definitely took a hit due to COVID, but was slowly climbing back. I was at Disney World in December, and it was absolutely packed and there is very little crowd control if any, everyone was spending money like they never been to a theme park. I can name 20 families on my block went to Disney this past winter break, and I am not even in Florida.

IMO $DIS is a hybrid of value/growth stock, the growth part was probably beat down due to streaming and metaverse, but the value part of $DIS is incredibly resilience unless there is another lockdown coming.


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