$U (Unity Software) beats Q421 expectations and raises guidance, stock rebounds up 15% after hours

Unity's earnings call was fascinating to listen to. First, revenue was up 43% over Q420 and 44% YoY. Gaming growth is strong, and non-gaming growth is stronger. Some use cases mentioned in the call include partnerships with Hyundai building the digital twin for one of their facilities and eBay implementing 360° views of products. Lots of details on what sets Unity apart from the competition and their roadmap for hosting large files, demand for their newly acquired tools, incorporating live elements into 3D models, and future revenue streams. Also, something about 2 billion net new installs. I would honestly need to listen to the call again to tell you more, because it was packed with information.

If you can find a recording of the call, definitely listen to 2nd half when they start the Q&A session. It's very hard not to get excited about this company. 34–36% growth is the guidance for the current quarter and throughout 2022.


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