tesla and btc

Apologies if a lot of friends already posted this.
This is something suddenly crossed my mind now.
Tesla is working on a phone which could uses satellite only. Is this mean if this type of mobile device becomes a reality, then the cellular like Verizon and att would be slowly out of business. I am still seeing people here advertising att as undervalued play. If this is a trend then att is dying company. right? Also this type of mobile device, there is no way for any specific country or gov to truly block it. This most likely means something like btc would be adopted by general public to trade values amd services. Nobody cares about dollars or euros, nobody wants those difference currency and regulations, people would be able to buy any services all over the world with btc.
Would this send tesla to moon if it actually comes true. Who could imagine cell phones can be this good 10 years, right?
For some reason, I strongly feel this could happen. or I should say, I want this to happen, I think this is a good thing, I don’t hold any tesla right now.
any thoughts on this?


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