Creating a stock trading bot. Ask a question or feel free to give advice.

I created a stock trading bot based and seems to do well compared to S&P500 over a 20 year period. I will be trying to create a live version. Are there any specific things I have to watch out when the bot goes live? If you guys have any questions about the bot, ask away as well.

The bot looks over 590 tickers obtained from the S&P500 and NASDQ and calculates the best stock to but and when to sell it.

If it decides to buy a stock, it will buy the stock immediately at the closing price of that day since I assume the open price next day and the close price on the current day is the same. (money/close price next day)

If it decides to sell a stock, it will use the closing price of the current day and sell all it's volume of the stock the next day with the open price. (vol * open price of next day)

My main parameters are (initial amount of money, start date, number of days to run)

If you guys have any specific parameters to run to see how the bot does, feel free to comment and I will DM you the results. Here is a simulation below where the initial date was 1/1/2000 and it ran for 7700 days with an initial amount of money of $3000.


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