Stock Youtuber Meet Kevin sold out of 99.9% of his stocks

He probably has the most subs among the finance youtube space. For months in 2021 he had been saying inflation would inflect down in September/October 2021 and there would be an end of year rally. So he loaded up on call options in August to prepare for it. Then adjusted his timeline to Jan-Feb 2022. He sold out of several stocks in November. Then went all in last two weeks of December thinking there would be rally in Jan 2022. Just a couple days ago he was still super bullish saying stuff would rebound. Made a video slamming Bill Ackman for shorting market in March 2020. And blamed “the suits” for manipulating the market. He went from that to suddenly selling out of 99.9% of his portfolio and is now shorting the market. He saying he wants to get back in around March 2022 since he thinks that is when max pain will be. He apparently told his course members in private he sold at least a day before he told his public viewers.

I watched his channel off and on but never took stock advice off him but kept seeing red flags before this. Such as how his watchlist was filled with speculative stocks. He bought DOCU in the midst of its earnings dip around $180 saying it was an overaction. He also bought COIN on day 1. So that is a shame he went from preaching buy the dip to panic selling to try to time the market.


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