Some of you are about to get wrecked.

I made a post 3 weeks ago and I’m making another one. More of a PSA, specifically for those investing since 2020. I’m really trying to help you newbies out here.

You’ve heard long time investors talk about valuations returning to normal and this and that, and I’m here to tell you if you are 100% in tech, growth stocks, etc, you’re going to have a bad time. Diversification and fundamentals are key here. Make a plan, learn different sectors, and find ways to hedge a bit. Get out of margin debt simplify. I’ve already seen so many horror stories on here this last week about being 40%+ down, losing savings, etc. This is the real world implications and the market is returning to normal after years of inflated growth.

-Make a plan. Choose different sectors, tech, finance, consumer staples, metals, healthcare, whatever you want. Study your options, find deals, and stop expecting 20%+ growth.

I whole heartedly understand on here this will get plenty of hate. I’m really trying to save some of you the heartache. I’m not calling for a crash, but my dog could’ve made money these past 24 months. But you’re about to go from the YMCA to the NBA. Good luck and be smart. I wouldn’t be in leveraged ETFs.


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