Should I keep adding to my position in this “Dynamic Software” ETF?

Invesco Dynamic Software ETF – PSJ

Top Holdings

Microsoft 5.6% – 21% Rev Growth

Oracle 5.3% – 6% Rev Growth

Intuit 5.2% – Rev Guidance 28%-32% – Earnings 2/22

DataDog 4.8% – Rev Guidance 65% – Earnings 2/10

Vocera 4.5% – 18% Rev Growth

Roku 4.2% – 38% Rev Growth Expected

SNAP 4% – 42% Rev Growth

HubSpot 3.7% – Rev Guidance 42% Earnings 2/10

Box 3.7% – 22% Rev Growth

Mimecast 3.4% – 17% Rev Growth

Roblox 3.4% – 101% revenue Growth – Earnings Feb 16th

The ETF is down 43% from its highs.

I don't see inflation having much of an impact on cloud companies.

SNAP popped yesterday even though it was considered a Stay-at-home play. Maybe ROKU can do the same?

HubSpot's eating SalesForce's lunch.

Most of these are down because they're considered “growth stocks” even when they all have solid balance sheets and have been reporting amazing quarters. I recently bought 10 OTM calls expiring early next year. Started thinking I was underweight here after SNAPs earnings.

Can anyone explain why a couple of interest rate hikes are even relevant when you're growing at these rates?


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