Inherited Stocks

I am an executor of my late mother's will and we have a lot of stocks in various companies.
The solicitor who is a joint executor has recommended a brokerage firm to deal with the sale of them.

I am a complete novice with regards to stocks/shares, however am a fast learner. I was wondering how difficult it would be to just handle the sale of them myself and reduce cost?

Is it worth the bother, or should I just allow a brokerage firm to them to deal with it?

Last time I checked they were collectively worth approx £30k

Edit: people have asked why I want to sell. Essentially we have also inherited a house. Selling the shares would raise enough money to buy out a minor beneficiary, so myself and sister can keep the house as a rental property/investment. Approx monthly income after paying management fees for renting would be £1000 I would initially receive all of it for 2 years. After which we would split it with my sister.


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