Fintech, probably black magic

In these years I've been looking at how finance, banking and technology became one thing.

What amaze me is how these three things can mix up together so well and make a sort of magic happen. In the news if you look up for this kind of industry there is a lot of talk about trading apps and solutions that go beyond what everyone could imagine. I've seen how Streetbeat just rethought how you invest daily. How tradingview is becoming so fast that it looks like you are in Wall Street with all the professional brokers. You can in your palm just watch the app do the trading for you. Probably less fun, probably not anymore part of a casino but a better way to leverage risk with a pretty good margin in my humble opinion after all.

This industry is so fashinating. Algorithms that predict the patterns and with black magic let you make profits while you are doing something else. Something like passive income or so.


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