Analysis Request: buy 3:00 AM, short 1:00 PM.


For this post, I’m either requesting someone who knows how to do this easily could analyze it, and/or someone could direct me to a paid app/program where this level of historical detail is available and easily—in a user-friendly way—able to be analyzed for back testing.

Anyway, I’m wondering what long-term performance would be for buying index futures at 3:00 AM, and then shorting at 1:00 PM (individually).

To paint an accurate picture, probably best to put in a 0.5% point bracket on all orders.

Also, on this general topic, I’m hoping someone with industry experience could make a meta/DD post about the various times of day and accelerations or reversals of prices.

Random things are talked about with no context on Reddit like: “Europe opens, London closes, Japan opens,” but with absolutely no explanation of the actual cause-effect.

*Lastly, is there an official fx-adjusted index of American stocks trading on foreign exchanges, both a global composite and in each exchange?

If so, what are the tickers?*


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