Does buying the same ETF but one with USD and the other with EUR make a difference?

So I bought the MSCI world, but 50% for a EUR version, and 50% for USD version.

My idea was to also diversify the currency, in case eur or usd goes to shit.

But I check my portfolio today and they were down the same amount of EUR, even though the EUR version was down 1.77% and the USD was down 0.65%.

I assume this has to do with the fact that the dollar went down 1% today.

But this confuses me, I assumed that the ETF copied the MSCI world percentagewise. But it appears that it takes the currency into account as well. Thetefore my strategy appears to be irrelevant, as in the end they will fall the same amount in Euros.

Could someone clear me out this phenomenam?

Does this strategy only apply when the ETF says Something like Eur hedged?


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