Crude Oil hits $90, what’s your end of the year price prediction?

Crude Oil hits $90 for the first time in over 7 years, will it go higher? I personally believe Crude Oil will reach $100.

I’m heavily involved in the Oil market, I’ve been bullish since last year. I’ve been telling my friends in my diskord, /CL will reach $100 and the Energy sector will be the leading performing sector in 2022, just as it was also last year.

There are many reasons why I see Crude Oil hitting $100 this year:

  • OPEC members are currently struggling to meet current monthly targets and lack the capacity to expand output levels even further.

  • Oil supplies are looking tighter than many had anticipated, while demand is increasing.

  • High global Inflation

  • Russia’s conflict with Ukraine

What’s your price prediction on Crude Oil?


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