Anyone following $ADSE?

I’ve been following $ADSE for a good few months, especially since their listing in December.

They were just in the news yesterday for selling another 200 DC fast chargers, which is supposedly the biggest deal of its kind in the US.

Covering the news, the CEO said on TDAmeritrade yesterday they are not competing with the ChargePoints/EVGos, etc. They provide these guys with the technology they need which is battery buffering – in essence, applying battery enhancement to the power limited grid (mostly in urban cities and rural areas). It’s more “niche” and with a very specific use case.

If you look at urban centres (like NYC, Miami) the only real solution is to work with the grid in place – infrastructure upgrades simply aren’t feasible. So I only see this kind of battery tech growing in importance and significance.

Very very interested to see how the earnings are for $ADSE, and where the price will go – right now it seems excellent value with a nice upside for the next 6-24 months.


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