“You will lose money by trying to time a dip” Help

It’s that time again, the great advice to not try and time a crash is going around again. “Just DCA on the way down” I’m 100% in agreement. However…

How do you guys structure your portfolio % wise with cash? Because I have 50+ years of investing left in my life, I’m not selling on downturns. Rather, I welcome the opportunity to buy some juicy dips. But you need cash for the dips! Need some scratch to effectively DCA.

Only way to do this is obviously have cash aside at all times to buy the dip. What % of your portfolio is cash to make sure you can DCA all the way down to the bottom?

And let’s say you DCA away all your money thinking a rebound is coming, but we go into a bear market and you run out of your stash of cash well before the bottom. At that point, I’m still just holding, but would miss out on continued DCA. Obviously would add some additional % of my income to keep DCA, but I’d prefer to just have enough cash aside to withstand normal corrections and weather bear markets. But if too much of your account is cash, you can miss out on upswings if you’re thinking “I missed the dip, now it’s too late to buy again” Am I making sense?

What % of your brokerage account is in cash? Have a great day people! Loving the green, and hoping Disney smashes earnings today.


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