Wtf is with the multiple huge FB $320+ buys after hours when the price is hovering in the $250s???

Screenshot here It shows on both the graphs and in the Time & Sales in Active Trader Pro…

Anyone know what this is? I've seen it before in smaller stocks with lower liquidity and higher bid/ask spreads, which can make sense.

But this is straight up impossibly wide for a bid/ask spread, and national best bid/offer practices should completely prevent this from occurring, correct?

Irrespective of a broker not automatically improving the price, who in the cinnamon toast fuck is buying these HUGE quantities of stock at massively over market rate?

There's no way that someone purchasing 112708 shares is dumb enough to pay such a huge premium. And I find it harder to believe that it would happen multiple times all within like 10 minutes of each other…


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