Will the cannabis industry (MSOS) ever take off?

Someone please give me a reason to be excited. I'm not. Going from Schedule 1 to Schedule 3 will take months. Even afterwards, weed will still be illegal federally so every grower will have to sell in the state where the weed was grown since it can’t cross state lines. All states that get legalization on the ballot have to bake in excessively high taxes in order to convince people who are scared of weed that it is a good idea. This will make the black market continue to be highly profitable, as it is in currently legal states. It is very easy for the hobby grower to produce more than an individual will ever use in a year (even growing just the legal # of plants). For that reason I never have to buy weed because my friends give it to me for free. So much that I am also giving it away. Look at Canada and they have the same black market issues preventing weed stocks from taking off. They have hobby growers supplying themselves and their friends. Please convince me otherwise and I will invest, but I don’t see weed becoming the economic powerhouse it was predicted to be. Ever. Sure, medical research on weed can begin once it is rescheduled. But who needs big pharma weed products when you can just take an edible?


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