Who brings these people on the radio?

We all know there's some dumb-as-hell market pundits and economists in the media, but I can't seem to wrap my head around the shit they are saying. “ITS STRANGE, SPENDING WAS UP IN JANUARY DESPITE INFLATION.” Yeah, people spend more when their bank balance is devaluing by the day. Wouldn't you? Then they go, “SO MAYBE THIS IS GOOD. IT MIGHT MEAN INFLATION WON'T BE BAD SOON.” What? This is exactly the opposite of what this means. Higher spending begets more inflation. “AND WALMART JUST POSTED RECORD PROFITS FOR LAST QUARTER, VERY STRANGE IN THIS ENVIRONMENT!” No. Inflation means those numbers* will likely be up, but mean less.

*even when in constant currency these days – most countries are feeling inflationary pressure


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