Which stocks on here are you bearish (or dislike) about that everyone hypes up.

I dislike Disney stock, mainly because of their ESPN and socio political leaning at times. I love the Marvel and Star wars properties, I just feel like they have too much influence.

I dislike Baba mainly because its a Chinese stock. It has taken L after L but people hype it up as a “Great opportunity “ Everything money YouTube channel Im looking at you.

PLTR, I owned the stock for a few months, had a good run up was holding the bag for a month or two got back profit and sold. Never again. Not even profitable.

Apple, felt like their phones and products are hella overpriced and overrated. Even tho I own an iphone SE now.

META, been off of social media for the past two months and have honestly never felt better. The way they take down users information, and the “hype” about the Metaverse sounds like The Matrix in its purest form, makes me sick and want to vomit.


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