When do you predict it will be a good time to pull the trigger and buy TQQQ?

Yes, I know TQQQ is leveraged and could be very dangerous when investing over the long-term. Also, there are currently a lot of concerns with inflation in the supply chain which can lead to further losses in the overall market.

But eventually it WILL hit a bottom and start going back up whether next week or next year. No one knows. It isn’t down that much compared to past corrections and could go much lower, I understand.

With that being said, historically, if you bought into TQQQ after many of the major downturns over the past 10 years, you would have made insane returns.

Given that no one can perfectly time the market and investing in the market is inherently a risk, I wanted to simply hear your thoughts on an entrance strategy to a TQQQ position in todays climate. Thank you!


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