What’s your YTD?

So we're going through a “market correction” right now. Most people lost money.

Looking at YTD since beginning of the year: Cathie's ARKK is down 33%, , TSLA 29%, big hitter Microsoft 14%, SPY 9%. My portfolio is down 5.4%. Majority is ETF, but with quite a bit of leverage/margin investment.

In a way, I feel lucky I got away better than others. I keep telling myself: Things will be better in the long run. I invest long term. I just have to hold. I only lose money when I close (plus margin cost). No rush.

But the money lost still hurts. Not being careful enough makes me feel undisciplined. Opening up the app every day to see more red isn't fun anymore. Uncertainty about near term future persists. Explaining that I invest time in the stock market, but still lose thousands of dollars is not a happy place.

How is everybody else doing? What's your YTD? How do you deal emotionally with it?


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