What’s your take on Blackstone (BX)?


I was looking into this company “Blackstone” which should be fairly popular. It is the largest Private Equity company.

Since I can't really value the company (DFCF seems not to work well) and the Stock had a bull run in the last months, I was wondering, what you guys think about the company.

I personally like the company (from the first impression) but I don't know, if the latest bull-run kind of overheated the stock…

The PE seems in line with the historic PE (maybe a bit higher). The Problem here is, that they had a rapid growth of Earnings and thus also a growth of stock price. Now the question is, will this growth decline or maybe even go negative?

Also, I guess rate hikes won't do this company a favor…

So im asking you:

Considering, that it is a great business but also considering the rate hikes and the bull run in the past few months – What ist your take on Blackstone?

Thanks and regards


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