What would Russian sanctions do to stocks? Any thoughts on industries/sectors which would go or down?

So I am not a commodities trader and don’t buy options. I am someone that buys shares outright. But I’m curious as to what people think might happen should Russia invade Ukraine. Today we saw a swift reaction to potential news, and it got me wondering what plays would go big?

My thought was

Defense Contractors (ie Lockheed Martin, Raytheon); Oil Companies; Cyber security; And FAANG stocks given there will be a move to companies with strong balance sheets and have minimal global exposure to armed conflicts (could be way wrong on that)

Downside – unprofitable tech given fed indecision, semi conductors – I heard that potentially was on the list; banks – I imagine they have some exposure to Russian debt.

Would like to hear others thoughts and hope you all have a great weekend


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