What went wrong (if anything) in APPS Earnings Report?

I do have shares of APPS but it isn't down that much after hours so this isn't a salt thread I'm just genuinely hoping to learn! So APPS released their earnings today after hours and beat revenue estimates by 6.29% and earnings by 13.95%. This is another in a long line of earnings beats so the company has been consistently doing financially well. On top of that it has been falling for the last 3 months despite there not appearing to be a catalyst that could be specifically attributed to the company (as far as I could find). So it currently sits at around $46 a share with analyst price targets falling between an $80 low, $132 high, and $104.80 average. From my experience I would believe that all of this combined would mean that with the release of another good quarter the price would jump pretty quickly, yet it has spent most of the post market in the red. So I'm just wondering whether or not there was some metric I'm missing I should take into account when looking at stocks in the future, or if there is something else mentioned in the earnings release that I missed that would make the total news seem worse? Of course there is also always the third option which is the market works in mysterious ways and it could be getting sold off for weird complex reasons, or the post market just wasn't paying too much attention to it and it could start doing well in the morning and I'm just making assumptions too early. Thanks in advance for anyone who reads this post and is able to provide any thoughts, advice or information! Once again, I'm just hoping this could be an opportunity to learn something I was unaware of before, so I really do appreciate it!


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