What to do in the face of extreme uncertainty?

I have been investing money for long term now for a year and I saw some nice positive gains (unrealised) late last year until now where everything is dropping.

I only have about 10-15K USD invested so not much but I am only 23 living in New Zealand. Putting 33% of my income into mostly eCommerce, tech, energy and semiconductor stocks plus some total market stuff like VTI and VXUS.

My biggest issue right now is uncertainty about what's going to happen next. Will there be war with Russia? What will that to do to the markets? Will China make a move on Taiwan too while the US is distracted? What sort of supply chain shortages could we see and the impact on the market? etc

For reference I have probably bought one stock (SHOP – Shopify) far too high with a -40% average return right now but most of my other stocks and ETFs are overall down -5% to -10%. My profile is only down -16% overall.

Just don't know what the best course of action is right now – hold my stocks and DCA or put my money into something more stable? What do you think? I think I should DCA Shopify at the very least.


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