What is everyone’s strategy and rationale for separate portfolios?

I think most people here have more than one portfolio bucket. Retirement, education, growth, play money etc. Would like to know what buckets do you have, what do you hold in them and why you sequestered your money in that way? Also looking for input/comments on my allocation. My buckets are as follows:

Retirement fund: Cash account. 25% of my money. About 10 ETFs (QQQ, VOO, DIA, BND, ARKK, DRIV, XIT, XIU. Not in any order). Horizon is 20+ years.

Education fund for dependents: Cash account. 12% of my money. 3 ETFs (QQQ, VOO, DIA). Horizon is 10 years. Just created this portfolio.

Tax free account: Cash account.14% of my money. About 10 ETFs (QQQ, SPY, DIA, BND, ARKK, SOXX, WCLD, XRE, DRIV, XIT, XIU, XQQ). Quite similar to the retirement account. Horizon is 1-2 years

Growth fund: Margin account. 52% of my money. High risk. Very concentrated (MSFT, APPL, WMT, LYFT, CRM, TSLA). Horizon is 5 years. I want to reduce my money in this account but I am deep in red.

I am thinkinking if I should create a dividend portfolio as well? Or just add dividend stocks in my tax free portfolio. Comments and suggestions are welcome!


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