Transferring an IRA from Schwab, questions about management and diversification. Considering my situation

So I’ve just inherited an IRA from my father, I just completed the paperwork at my Schwab branch to get the transfer going. While at the branch I was invited to revisit and go over my plan and help to decide if I want it managed or not. I have the choice of a robot-advisory or managing it myself. But I have a slightly complicated situation that could sway the choice o let me run it by you.

1 it’s an inherited IRA and I need to draw it down over the next 10 years, I’m planning on taking 20% out this year for debt and family issues, leaving me ~250k. I’m 20 years old so I plan on going to college and I currently have unstable work as a car detailer; moral of the story I plan on taking out more to help pay for these things. Why am I telling you this? Because I know the common perception that “SCHWAB ROBO KEEPS TO MUCH CASH” like 6-12%.

Idea- Maybe the extra cash can be used to draw down the account without touching the principal investments.

2 The robot route might be dumb because I will cause me to liquidate all my positions, I learned today that the account is 99% equity’s 1% cash and contains shares of Amazon, Apple, and Adobe. Probably more big ones too. It’s about 57 individual positions. I’m afraid that some of these positions are good and I would want to let them ride rather than put them into a robo fund at Schwab.

Idea – I could not robo-advise and liquidate the positions I don’t like or don’t fully understand and use that cash to draw down while I assemble a more “bogle head” portfolio more focused on index funds and ETF’s.

Note: This portfolio was assembled by fisher investments.

I kinda want the freedom of choosing my own funds and actively managing my own account. But I’m young and maybe I’m retarted. What do y’all think?


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