Trading SPY and QQQ?

What’s wrong with buying/trading SPY and QQQ simultaneously? I’m an active cc trader and I’m becoming more fond of etfs because the diversification means less downside volatility than single stocks. So running CCs on etfs sounds like a good idea to me.

The two most popular “cons” I can see to buying and running CCs on SPY and QQQ is that there is overlap between these two (lot of the same stocks), and there’s better expense ratio with other etfs like vanguard etc.

But I still prefer SPY and QQQ due to more liquidity and more options expirations, in exchange for higher expense ratios. I don’t think there’s a perfect stock, etf, or strategy all the time, so you’re always going to have to give up something to get something.

So am I missing any reasons not to run CCs on both SPY and QQQ? Do you guys prefer single stocks? Any ways to improve what I’m thinking? Thx!


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