Today I learnt a painful lesson!

I've been messing with the stock market for the last couple of years, so by no means am I an experienced investor. I've made decent money mostly off of $MU and $MSFT, partially due to the obscene bull market we've been going through. My sentiment was to avoid timing the market, as people online often advise. Here's the story of me being an idiot, losing a ton of money and learning a valuable lesson.

I've been invested in $CTXR since 2020. Had an amazing average price, made a lot of money selling it last year, when it peaked, and kept buying until recently. Last week, I owned 1000 shares (which, for a broke Greek university student, is a lot) and I was feeling happy with my investment.

Then, in a divine epiphany, my dumbass decided that I was going to time the market. Both the rising inflation and the tension in Ukraine made me believe the market would overreact downwards. So… I decided to close my entire position. I made a quick buck and assured myself I would buy back in on Monday, for a better price would certainly occur.

Well, as one would imagine by the attitude of this post, $CTXR is 20% up since last Friday. I missed on hundreds of dollars of gains, and now it will be borderline impossible to buy in as low as my original position was.

I literally do not know what got into me, but I feel like an utter idiot, and my mood is on the floor. Be smart. Don't be like me.


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