Thoughts on NYSE: DELL

No in depth analysis here, but I've been watching Dell for a few months now. They've had a few run ups and pull backs with another decent run yesterday after Morgan Stanley upgraded them to buy.

They've also beaten estimates the last few quarters and also recently increased their dividend.

Their margins aren't very big though and personal PC market has been less than stellar lately. On top of that they seem to run at a negative equity value with not the best cash flow.

The positive for them with room for growth seems to be the dedicated AI server market which is still only a small part of their revenue.

I finally pulled the trigger yesterday and bought in @145 a share. I'm already down some this morning, but that is usually my case. I'm hoping the bullish trend continues with the AI hype throughout the year and that we add at least another 15 to 20% before yead end.

So what are your alls thoughts on Dell?


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