Thoughts on Big Lots?

Market Cap (intraday)1.26B

Enterprise Value3.00B

Trailing P/E6.46

Return on Assets (ttm) 4.63%

Return on Equity (ttm)19.59%

Total Cash Per Share (mrq)2.31

Total Debt (mrq)1.81BTotal

Current Ratio (mrq)1.27

Book Value Per Share (mrq):34.38

Current short interest is currently sitting on 20%

Company has been aggressively executing buyback since August of last year. 9.3 million shares were bought at an average price of $53.49 apiece under the August 2020 authorization. Additionally new plan to buy back up to $250 million in shares was initiated mid December.

Am I missing something here? Revenue have been sitting around 5.25 billion annually from 2018 to 2020. 2021 is a huge outlier at 6.2 billion.

2019 EPS : 3.83

2020 EPS: 6.16

2022 EPS : 16.46

Even excluding the outlier of 2020 and 2022 EPS and assuming perpetual EPS of $3.5 (for safety sake) . The aggressive buyback would reduce share count by drastic amounts going forward making this stock less than 13 PE (being overly conservative )


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