This bear market is a sick joke

What does RBLX, WIX, FB and SHOP all have in common?

The market is absolutely ravaging them for having actually decent earnings. 3 months ago these stocks would have all mooned, with these earnings. Arbitrary estimation numbers from random financial analysts are apparently the most deciding factor of a company's stock value.

What the fuck happened to this market?

I get there are interest hikes and all that, but honestly, society will keep going. This market is reacting like it's literally Armageddon. We are reacting faster and more violently than we did during 9/11. This is the most ridiculous market I have ever witnessed, with these types of movements it seems like the market is run by my little sister that is 8 and can't read.

Every single company that dropped 25% in the past month had actually really good earnings that indicated growth and rising earnings. Somehow I see people doing the craziest mental gymnastics justifying these batshit prices.

“Oh yeah, their 30% yoy growth indicates that the company is slowing down and will be worthless in a year. Definitely. We should short it to oblivion.”

I'm having a hard time believing this is real. Is this a dream? Am I high? Did i accidentally spike my morning coffee with lsd? I feel like I'm hallucinating. If anyone can actually justify these falls in a way that makes sense to me I will Venmo you 100 dollars, just for clarifying this absolute clown house.

I, however, strongly doubt that anyone will be able to do that. I anyway already lost 2000 dollars, thinking that basic economics and financials had any shred of relevance to the real world. Btw I'm literally studying economics and finances, but I guess I should just drop out to pursue my dream of teaching lesbian ballerina dancing, that seems to have more relevance and practical use apparently.

Anyway guess I'm holding these now very fat bags, because it seems like the only choice now. Hope the market swallows a xannax and takes a nap. Goodnight, I don't even wanna see the market close.

Holding Meta @ 227, Roblox @ 59, Shopify @ 800 and Nvidia @ 225. If you care.


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