The opening of tomorrow and Russia’s invasion plan.

Hi everyone,

I have decent experience in trading, mostly made my money with crypto last year, I keep myself busy with macro economics and the state of the economy for fun.

Last year we have seen the absolute peak of a high conjuncture that was fueled by central banks calling the current inflation transitory. But with the start of this year (and a bit earlier) we have seen the reversal of the conjuncture. This means more dissatisfaction and less jobs, riots and more expensive products. The latter being an indicator of reaching a peak in the conjuncture cycle.

With the invasion plans being scheduled on coming Wednesday, I expect tomorrow to become a bloody red day. I had my hopes of avoiding the conflict because of the riot’s in russia’s border country Kazakstan. But i’m pretty sure that the pride of Vladimir is so big that he won’t back down of Ukraine.

This is the reason I am going to hedge my crypto with some investments in oil and gas this afternoon, as I see a rise in oil prices being more likely than tech and crypto doing good. With this I am also considering option trading with a small amount of money which I can afford to lose.

How are you guys going to handle upcoming weeks? And since I am not super experienced like most of the people on this sub, I am open for your opinions and advice. 🙂


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