The importance Of The EV Space – $ZEV, Can We Talk?

The EV Space is fast becoming the Talk of The Market, The Talk of Washington and The Talk of Consumers – How business is done or will be getting done is changing and I think we as Retail Investors MISSED $ZEV/ Lightning eMotors, Inc.

$ZEV – get to know and learn WHY the EV space is important – Can We Talk?

$ZEV/Lightning eMotors, Inc., formerly GigCapital3, Inc., is an electric vehicle designer and manufacturer. The Company provides electrification solutions for commercial fleets from Class three cargo and passenger vans to Class six work trucks, and Class seven city buses. They have become like the Black Label of EV Manufacturer making Deals NO ONE is really talking about with Giants like $GM and $F/Ford!!

It offers zero emission battery-electric vans, trucks and buses. The Company's product includes Lightning Transit, Lightning E-450, Lightning F-53/59, Lightning F-550, and GM 6500XD. It also provides solutions including advanced analytics software, Energy-as-a-Service, and EV-as-a-Service. …. How many of you know this, YES we may have been sleeping on This Company $ZEV – It is now at an affordable Get In, Where You Fit In Position – 52 Week High of $15.90 and a current Market Cap of $386.8 Million with only 75 Million Shares Outstanding – DID WE MISS SOMETHING?

Based on TipRanks – In the last 3 months, 3 ranked analysts set 12-month price targets for ZEV. The average price target among the analysts is $13.33. $ZEV, Did We miss Something about this company, their Brand and Their Partners in doing business inside the EV Space?

The Company's analytics software is a platform, installed in vehicle, it allows to collect drive cycle and vehicle performance data at 1 Hertz. It enables drivers and fleet operators to provide real-time recommendations about vehicle performance, routes, and charging strategies. Its analytics software is offered on a subscription basis.


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