The fine line between being smart and being stubborn

I really can't tell if I'm being smart or being stubborn in my individual account. I'm at about 40% ETF/60% individual companies (which yes, I would like to get that to about 70%/30% the other way) and I have been doing my research on my individual companies I'm invested in. I'm heavy (basically all) growth, so my portfolio has taken a 25% hit in the past few months. As it's fallen, I've been buying more. I do have a 3-5 year mindset on the companies I invest in.

But at what point am I being stubborn? Am i right to not act on a 3-6 month downswing on my portfolio? I don't NEED this money for anything and am comfortable in waiting AND also still believe in my companies.

I'm relatively novice at investing (2-3 years in my individual account). I'm doing all the right things with having 15% go into my 401K. I've paid off all my debt. I live by a budget. I turn 26 years old in 1 month. Just sorta posting this because I know some of you have more experience than I do and will provide guidance. Thank you!


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