The Bubble has Already Burst!

A lot of people here are wondering if the equity bubble is going to burst but you're failing to realize it already has in many aspects of the market. High flier mid-small caps are all down over 50% + from their highs in an extremely short period of time and the only equities left are large caps which will be the last to fall. The only reason we haven't seen this bubble burst in a similar fashion to 2000 is that the large caps which make up the majority of indexes are barely holding up even though they are over valued.

Here are some example of stocks this sub loved before and they've now gotten obliterated.

PLTR – 70% from it's highs

PYPL – 66% from it's highs

NFLX – 43% from it's highs

SQ – 65% from it's highs

NVDA – 28%, MUCH more to come

And there is a lot more.

The bubble has already burst in most places just some of the large caps are left.

Good luck everyone.


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