[Speculation] TTWO is a buyout candidate by FB.

Disclosure: I have no positions on the stocks listed and do not plan on initiating any positions in the forseeable future because I got destroyed in January now i'm scared money.

Lots of people are talking about the metaverse but many people don't realize there is already a huge metaverse in GTA online. This game came out almost a decade ago and is still bringing in money because people keep buying shark cards to purchase in game items. Lots of people just live in GTA online.

With FB trying to push VR and Metaverse I believe if they are willing to pay a premium for TTWO they can get the most hyped intellectual property in Grand Theft Auto. Having a GTA6 online metaverse in the oculus platform will pretty much ensure their future.

Other buyout candidates I am speculating:

1) NTDOY bought by AAPL: these companies are very similar in the way they sell software for specifically their own hardware. AAPL can make a ton of money by having real Nintendo games on every iphone. Nintendo also has a similar brand awareness and loyalty like Apple. Not sure how international buyouts work though.

2) EA bought buy AMZN or GOOG: These guys are trying to get in the game industry. Google already failed once but them or Amazon having all the sports games in their lineup would be good for them to have a chance.


With Microsoft buying Activision look for other video game companies to get bought of by the other big 3 (and potentially FB)

Remember, this is all speculation and no guarantees any of this can happen.

What are your opinions?


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