Some Free Resources for Doing Investment Research

I have been investing for the past 5 years, and have developed a set few tools that I use every time I want to look into a new investment. This list is not exhaustive by any means but thought I would share in case it helps anyone out

Free Resources:

– Yahoo Finance: This is the bread and butter of my investment process. I usually look up the ticker symbol and some basic info regarding shares outstanding, beta, 52 wk high and low, as well as a quick glance at the overall chart. I'll usually toggle around the statistics and financials tab to also get a quick rundown of basic ratios such as P/E, P/S, QoQ, YoY growth rates, etc. There are many alternatives to Yahoo Finance, including MarketWatch, Morningstar etc.

– SEC Edgar Website: This website is great for looking up 10K and 10Qs of companies. I'll generally look up some recent filings of the companies I am interested in. This website can also be substituted for the investor relations page of a specific company. For example, if you are interested in Apple, you can search up “Apple Investor Relations” and it'll take you to a page with recent filings.

– OpenInsider: Openinsider is a great website for getting a quick rundown on any recent insider trading on the companies you are invested in or are researching. It also gives you a rundown of any recent filings of insider purchases/selling in general so you can get an idea of which executives are bullish/bearish on their own company's future.

– Roic AI: ROIC AI is another great website for quickly finding the financials of a company you are interested in. This website gives you 30+ years of financial information and finds relevant information using artificial intelligence. Great way to just find the financials if you are not interested in scouring through the 10K for these.

– Visual Ping: Visual Ping is a great way to track changes on websites of the companies you are interested in. You can specify a certain location within the website and it will notify you when there have been any changes on it. It can be a great way to track the product rollout of companies and has practical uses beyond investing.

– Social Blade: Great way to track the social media accounts of the companies you are interested in. This website gives you a great rundown and data analytics of various social media sites and accounts. Good for getting an idea of whether the company is gaining traction in terms of advertising and social media.

– DataRoma: Dataroma is a great website to get a rundown of what large hedge funds are investing in. It tracks a set of so-called “Super Investors” and tracks their 13F filings and any recent purchases/sales. They also have great analytics so the information is easy to digest.

– Value Investor's Club (VIC): A great website for finding new investment ideas. People post detailed write-ups all the time. You can post your own write-up, and if it is approved, then you get a lot of additional perks such as getting the most up-to-date write-ups.

Paid Resources:

If you have access to these through work/school, I would also recommend Bloomberg Terminal, Capital IQ, and FactSet. If people are interested, I can do a more detailed write-up on these later.

Hope this was helpful! – BDover


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