Sleep stocks, specifically sleep apnea stocks, will do quite well the next decade.

I'm bullish on sleep apnea stocks. Over a billion people have sleep apnea worldwide, it goes undiagnosed in 80% of cases, and increases the risk of the leading causes of death such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, accidents, and diabetes. I personally believe this sector will do well as millennials age and awareness increases on social media. The sleep apnea devices market is expected to have a CAGR of 6.2% from 2021 to 2028. Resmed is the world’s top CPAP manufacturer. CPAPs are the most effective treatment for sleep apnea.

Resmed (RMD) is my number one holding in my portfolio. I think they have a decent chance of growing to be as large as a company like Eli Lilly within the next 10-20 years. It all depends on whether or not the US Government decides to pursue a mass screening approach for sleep apnea. This is currently being debated in the US Preventative Services Task Force. To reiterate, about a billion people worldwide have sleep apnea and it goes undiagnosed in about 80% of cases. Check this article on pub med.

My mid cap holdings:

1) Resmed (RMD).

2) Koninklijke Phillips (PHG). Also a CPAP manufacturer.

My higher risk growth plays are below:

1) Inspire Medical (INSP). They created an implant for sleep apnea, analogous to a pacemaker, to keep airways open at night. I think they have a good shot long term.

2) LivaNova (LIVN). UK equivalent of Inspire Medical, but their business is more diversified.

3) Nyxoah (NYXH). Super risky and less proven than Inspire, but less invasive of a product. Some of their startup capital came from Resmed.

4) Vivos Therapeutics (VVOS). Ultra small cap and could go bankrupt, but more risk more reward if their business pays off. They have a product that’s like a mouth guard, that expands airways to help prevent sleep apnea. They rely on dentists to diagnose and sell the product.

5) Sleep Number (SNBR). There’s some press that the company will develop more sleep tech to help with sleep apnea. My hope is that the company tries to acquire #3 or #4 to have a more integrated sleep solution.

I own all these companies with Resmed and Inspire being the bulk of my portfolio. I’m bullish on the space, but recognize that some of the small caps could have issues if not out right bankruptcies.

*Not financial advice. This is for entertainment/educational purposes only. Do your own research and consult with a financial professional if necessary. Be skeptical of everything that you read online.


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