Sitting on 122 Tesla Shares planning to sell CC’s

Like the title says I’m planning on selling calls on my shares to produce some extra money to buy deep in the money calls on other companies I have conviction in. Here are my options and perhaps you guys can give some ideas.

Sell $1,650 calls expiring December 16, 2022 and the premium is $6,000 last I checked.
-This gives me the chance to buy calls in severely sold companies that I like.

I’m planning on selling some Tesla Shares before the year is over anyways to buy a property, and $1,650 is a more than perfect price. Anything below is fine because I keep the premium and possibly make money on the options bought with that premium.

Risks: Stock Split. If the stock does in fact split then it will rally a ton and I’d have left money on the table because of the premium spike in the contracts.

We go into a recession and the share price gets cut significantly which by then the premium won’t even be a fraction of the loss on the underlying.



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