Should I sell winning positions to average down my losers?

I am currently down:

44.79% on BYND; 35.71% on CRSR; 60.78% on DKNG; 47.32% on MSOS; 36.27% on NIO; 23.33% on PENN; 54.16% on PLTR; and 41.55% on PYPL. (Also I was up 90% on AMD and I am now only up 37%).

My only profitable position in my account is NTDOY up 14.54% in the last month or so. I have been averaging down on my losing positions, but I have run out of capital. Would it be psychotic to sell out of my only winner to buy into these “deeply discounted” stocks in a few weeks? I have a feeling that the overall market drop will eat into my NTDOY gains in the next week or so anyways, and I feel like PYPL or AMD at $100/share will be a much better investment than leaving the money in Nintendo for 2 years.


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