Should i invest now, or wait until mid March once the rates go up and the market potentially responds with even lower prices?

I'm wanting to invest a reasonable sum of money into the stock market, and i'm wanting to know what people's thoughts are on the best time to invest it.

Prices are already very low on particular stocks, including some growth stocks, but with the FED due to increase interest rates next month in March, it would only make perfect sense for the stock market to finally come tumbling down in direct response.

Of course, we don't live in a perfect world, and the stock market reacts irrationaly at the best of times, but logic would tell you this scenario should play out… should it not?

So, with that said, what are your thoughts? Should i invest now when prices on some stocks are already very cheap after having corrections in the last few weeks, or should i play the long game, and wait until mid March when the rates are due to go up, and hope and pray that prices come down even more?


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