SentinelOne Launches DataSet, A Revolutionary Live Enterprise Data Platform

Full press release here

Building upon the acquisition of Scalyr, DataSet expands beyond cybersecurity use cases delivering a limitless enterprise data platform for live data queries, analytics, insights, and retention.

Asana, Copart, TomTom, and DoorDash selected DataSet to analyze all types of data from an unbounded time horizon – streaming and historical. CTOs, CIOs, engineering, and IT operations teams select DataSet, replacing Elastic and Splunk, to harness the power of their data.

With the launch, SentinelOne (NYSE: S) has appointed Rahul Ravulur to lead DataSet. He brings more than 25 years of experience in building and operating enterprise products at scale, most recently leading product at Splunk.

DataSet website is live and lists solution sections for:

– Full-Stack Log Analytics

– Data Lakes

– ELK Replacement

– Custom Data Solutions

This was huge news released yesterday. This was a small M&A deal SentinelOne did before going public last year for 100M, similar to Crowdstrike and Humio, but this is the full integration rollout just about a year later.

This is unlocking an immense amount of TAM and use cases in just one press release with Data Lakes (think Apache, Databricks), Log Analytics (Splunk, Dynatrace), ELK Replacements (Elastic). Will be very interested to hear management discuss this when they report earnings next month

Link to DataSet website


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