Selling A Mutual Fund to Avoid Future Capital Gains

I got fucked by a capital gains redistribution. I have this mutual fund (WSTAX) that resulted in $9K capital gains redistribution that fucked up my taxes. I haven't put any money in it in ages as I bought it when I was less educated, and I now know it has an expense ratio too high for my comfort and has a tendency to let loose capital gains. Since it's not in my IRA, this is no good. I want to sell it, but, naturally, I'm worried about taxes from that. However, it appears on my account that my gain on it is *negative*. It tells me I'm -$4100. This basically means if I sell it now, I can sell it as a loss, correct? That would end up helping me next tax year?

I'm guessing that the capital gains redistribution led to this as I've been in it for 4 years, and it's done fairly well, so I can't see me being negative form my initial investment. Does this sound right? I feel pretty stupid to have ended up in this situation. With the stocks weak, and likely going to be much weaker tomorrow, I feel like now would be a good time to dump it and invest it in VTI and VOO, which I am happier with. I just want to know if my sense of the loss and tax issue sounds about right.


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