Seeking advice on $NLY

So, I’ve been in the stock market for just over a year at this point and I have a question regarding one of my positions: NLY. It’s an REIT and gives pretty damn good dividends. I invested in 20 shares with an average of 8.92 per share. This means that, as of yesterday, I’m roughly 20% down on my position. Now with my dividends that I’ve received, reinvested, I’ve got 21 shares and change.

My question is basically should I keep holding? I think the company has a good strategy and is poised to do well in the future but i am concerned about how badly this bond market insecurity has beat it up and what affect rising fed interest rates will have. Like will they adjust and then regain some of the stock price-point? Is there a realistic potential that the stock drops in price and never recovers?

I guess my biggest thing is that I don’t understand the correlation between the bond market and the real estate market. I get that rising interest rates cause the bond market to fall but I don’t quite understand why. Can someone please help me understand these interactions so I can attempt to make an informed decision about where I should take my position?


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